"Athena Malloy is a master-healer.  If you are lucky enough to become a regular client of hers, your life will change for the better.  She is highly trained,  incredibly skilled, and astonishingly intuitive.  From mundane body aches to aggressive cancer treatments, Athena's therapy has helped me get through it all.  I couldn't possibly recommend her more highly. "

Steve R.

"I went to Athena after a long period of stress and depression. With her expertise, skills, and obvious compassion she not only was able to help me see what I needed to do for myself to be whole again-but also brought that same skill and attention to the redirection of energy in my body. It's so important to understand how the mind effects the body and vice-versa. I would recommend Athena's expertise to anyone needing to revitalize and find themselves again."

Heidi D.

"I think Athena is the most gifted healer with whom I have ever worked. There is a physical and spiritual journey to have under her gentle hands. I cannot get over the difference between the effects of Zero Balancing work and a typical massage. The latter is very much a passive experience.

ZB is engaging in a most profound manner and the effects lasting well beyond the moment of the bodywork. I highly recommend Athena. You will feel safe, literally and figuratively, in her hands."

Lisa S.

"Athena is wise, knowledgable and experienced with her mind and hands/body. She begins with a verbal check in. She eased into the Zero Balancing session with grace, focus and sensitivity. The work was so deep that time disappeared. Each time I am able to see her, I feel transformed, unstuck, grounded, calmer and invigorated in spirit. "

Wendy B.

Athena Malloy is a supremely gifted healer. I was a very heavy smoker for many years, and suffered from major anxiety. Through hypnotism administered by Athena throughout the spring and summer of 2011, I am now completely smoke free and a much calmer and centered individual. I continue to see Athena for bodywork and hypnotism to help me continue to embody this more relaxed and deeply centered state.

Minna P.

"Her deep intuition, kindness and expertise are unmatched. I've had tons if body work and Athena is truly gifted. I have various injuries and post- surgicals and Athena also works her magic to make me feel more aligned, calmer, stronger, and more flexible."

Jennifer C.

"I have been receiving Athena Malloy’s work for the last eight years. I was not at that time, for medical reasons, allowed to receive either massage or bodywork. Athena gave me Reiki sessions, which provided me with tremendous emotional support. Later, with Zero Balancing, she began working at a physical and emotional level bringing relief of my pain and leaving me after each session with a deep sense of serenity. Beyond the body, her work has awakened my spirit, bringing me nourishment and guidance through difficult transitional times. Athena is to me a healer, teacher and now my Zero Balancing mentor. (Note: Health care practitioners that are becoming certified in Zero Balancing have a mentor to guide them through the certification program.)She initiated me on a true healing process and brought a lot of light to my life."

Muriel P.

"I came to Athena with the sole intent of getting physical therapy.  In this regard, Athena is amazing, and I will leave it at that.  However, on another note, Athena's work has also opened up ideas, memories, and feelings that I hadn't anticipated, nor expected.  These moments have been incredible, and have helped me look at my life in a different way, to think more about my healing old wounds, opening new avenues of thought and expression in my artwork and life.  As you read this, it is important for you to know that I am a deeply skeptical person.  I did not come seeking, nor anticipating these experiences while working with Athena.  However, I cannot doubt their presence and worth.  I am slowly starting to look at facets of that and life that are coming clearer on my own, and in my continued visits with Athena.  "

Adam S.

"I first visited Athena in April of 2002 after having completed six months of physical therapy for tendonitis in my elbow, which could not be fully healed. At that time I was unable to use my arm to perform most mundane tasks. But what truly disturbed me was that I could not knit. I use knitting as a spiritual tool, which relaxes me and allows me to share lovely things with my family and friends. Athena not only cured my tendonitis, but corrected my posture and rooted my feet to the earth. I now sit and walk upright, breathe more fully and hold my head erect. Over the years, working with Athena has changed not only my body but my mind. I have taken her hypnosis class helping me to focus on the positive and let go of unnecessary baggage. Athena shares her remedies freely enhancing my everyday life, but much, much more she has given me a new perspective and another way to view my world."

Karen M.

"Athena is truly a unique and talented practitioner in the bodywork field. Her intuitive wisdom, expansive knowledge and warmth all contribute to the creation of an environment that provides me with the supportive framework I need to have a transformational and restorative experience."

Melissa A.

"I came to Athena with tennis elbow and immense frustration.  I had been to many traditional and non-traditional therapies with no  results over the course of a year.  From the very first session I had with Athena, I felt a transformation with my elbow, as well as with many of my minor ailments.  As an acrobatic dancer, Athena has been crucial for my physical and mental well being.  I no longer suffer from any of my nagging injuries and my body has developed new awareness and fluidity from my time with Athena.  I've recommended Athena to all the people in my life as she is a gifted healer and a crucial part of my life."

Dave P.


"Athena is a beautiful teacher. She honors everyone and is completely generous with her information. I particularly like the pauses and space she provides for learning and integrating the information."

Lissy V, acupuncturist

“ZB doesn’t only teach me fulcrums, but also how to live my life and my own development.”

Tony N, bodyworker and dancer

“I was extremely surprised with the amount of fun this class was! Very fun!!

Lisa L, artist (on the Intro to ZB class)

"I just so appreciate Athena's presence. She embodies Zero Balancing. As she listens with her entire body/being and teaches from that place. Very powerful."

Amy M, licensed massage therapist

…But don’t be satisfied with stories,
how things have gone with others. 
Unfold your own myth, without complicated explanation,
so everyone will understand the passage,
We have opened you.

Rumi, Unfold Your Own Myth

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