Spirit is present everywhere. 
When we come to this understanding
we know that every touch contact can engage
that Spirit essence.

Dr. Fritz Smith, zero balancing founder, The Alchemy of Touch


In sessions, we create a space to facilitate transformation, health and integration of one's bodymindspirit.  The body expresses, often unconsciously, what needs to be integrated and/or transmuted next, from the often bumpy and wondrous road of human experience.  I guide people to become more conscious of their own physical expression.  In this listening, one can clarify and choose what resonates in themselves and their lives.  Additionally, sometimes people come to receive the physical work and changes occur on levels they cannot consciously name for quite sometime.  I trust, and teach trust, of one’s personal unfolding.   I provide patient support for simultaneous clarity within the fabric of the body, integrity of one’s thoughts and actions, and illumination of one’s place in, and connection to, the greater world.  Through awareness of one’s physical emotional mental habits, one can make conscious choices that align one’s unique and beautiful bodymindspirit.  In this safe space, people learn to respect and care for their bodies and it’s rhythms, their feelings and their vitalizing spirits.  Through an even deeper listening, they discover their essential self, which shines through all personal conditioning.  I find people evolve most clearly and joyfully when they have support at these multiple levels.



I began my personal process of transformation with the alchemy of dance and the creative process.  I added meditation at the age of seventeen, shortly before graduating with high honors from the Interlochen Arts Academy.  I graduated with a BFA in dance from SUNY Purchase, in 1992.  The following year, I began my exploration of the healing potency of touch at the New Mexico Academy of Healing Arts, where I received my massage therapy training.  In 1996, I integrated movement and touch when I began teaching movement re-education classes, in the Klein technique.  The transformative aspect of touching consciousness through touching the body developed with my Zero Balancing certification in 1999.  It only seemed natural that the positive power of thought would be the next addition, and I became a certified hypnotist in 2005 through the New Avalon School of Hypnosis.  In 2010, I graduated from a two and a half year training in Biodynamic Cranial Sacral Therapy.  I now also greatly enjoy teaching Zero Balancing to other practitioners and I offer several intensives a year. Throughout the development of my healing arts practice, I have stayed connected to my own growth as an expressive artist.  I have choreographed and performed in many renowned New York dance theaters from 1996 to the present, and in 2003, I was given the honor of receiving the acclaimed New York Dance and Performance Bessie award for my performances in RoseAnne Spradlin’s underworld (along with dancers Walter Dundervill and Tasha Taylor.)

I have had the great pleasure of a successful private practice since 1995.  I find that healing is a continual process of discovering and supporting the essential and wise self.  It is a great honor to create space for other’s to transform and connect with their most deep and radiant being! Whether I use touch, movement, hypnosis, or other awareness raising tools, I encourage the integrative well-being of those with whom I work.  Many thanks to all of you with whom I have supported.  Your conviction to care for yourself and your willingness to transform into the full, loving, rarified jewels that you are, is inspiring.  It is a profound honor and joy to be a part of your evolutionary process.

Through the years, I have had numerous excellent teachers and guides. I send out tremendous gratitude and love to each one of you.  Life is a circle of giving and receiving.  May we all acknowledge and share the great gifts and offerings within ourselves and those around us.  This is a very dynamic time to be alive - the brightest of blessings to all!



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