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Inner Space Technique engages a process of transformation on every level. It transfers beautifully to the virtual space, bringing profound clarity in your energy, body and perception of life. A virtual session may be from 20-80 minutes, and most likely will be 75 minutes.

For bodywork sessions, I believe that all touch should feel good.  Some touch may be remarkably gentle and potent.  Sometimes, touch in a particular area may hurt good, this is at an edge where healing can occur.  Your comfort and ease are of paramount importance, and I enjoy creating a sanctuary where you come home to your self. 

I generally integrate 2-3 bodywork modalities within a session. Some people have a modality they prefer and sometimes it may be apparent that working within one modality is necessary to most fully meet the needs of a person.  All sessions are done through loose comfortable clothing, except for the massage therapy sessions, in which a person disrobes and sheets are used for draping.  A session lasts about 70 minutes, depending on what a person's system needs for that day.  Initial sessions last about 85 minutes, so that we can do a thorough intake. 
Sessions take place in my lovely South Park Slope, Brooklyn, NY office. 
House visits available in special circumstances.


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Biodynamic Cranial Sacral Therapy brings dimensionality and ignition of life force through your fluid body.  In our original form as an embryo, we are 92% fluid, and as adults we are still composed of at least 75% fluid.  In a BCST session, the generative and regenerative forces in the fluids are contacted to give you a sense of wholeness and embodiment.  This creates the ability for you to be fully and easily present in yourself and your environment.  The slower rhythms, or tides, in the fluids give a profound healing quiet to your whole system and your autonomic nervous system, in particular.  In this stillness and quietude, your body decompresses and expands into it’s wholeness, which causes a re-kindling and orientation to your vitalizing life force.  In a BCST session, the practitioner spends the first five minutes in meditation.  The practitioner may then stay with her hands at one area of the body for five to fifteen minutes, using a light touch to facilitate both the movement of the fluid body and connection with the life force rhythm.


Inner Space Technique (IST) sessions are for people who want to transform. In IST sessions, a process of truth about yourself and your life gets engaged. In this process, you let go of emotional restrictions and open to greater forces of well being. You receive vision about the course of your life as you experience re-arrangements in your energy body.
These visions and re-arrangements bring vitality, mental clarity, emotional ease and connection to deeper and more profound aspects of yourself.

IST was formed by Samuel Sagan, the founder of the Clairvision School, He originally created IST for serious meditators who want to move past the scars of life that inhibit contact with the deeper states of one's being. You don't need to be a meditator to receive the abundance of benefits from an IST session. During a session, you are taught to use the inner space of meditation. This creates a state of depth and clarity that makes IST so profound.

Massage therapy relieves tension and facilitates healing in the muscles and connective tissues of the body.  It increases circulation of the blood, lymph, and chi (life force.) It’s a very nurturing modality that involves draping and undraping areas of the body with sheets.  In each area that is undraped, oils and lotions are massaged into the skin and soft tissues.  Each layer of tissue has a level of accessibility, and we work as deeply as those layers of tissues request.  As with the zero balancing, we always begin with a verbal check-in to clarify your bodymindspirit needs.


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Reiki means universal life flow. This life flow animates anything that has life force, such as plants, oceans, people, animals.  In a Reiki session, you receive more of this universal life flow for healing.  The practitioner channels Reiki out her hands and self to the person needing healing.  A common sensation associated with Reiki is heat.  This warming sensation is very relaxing, gentle, and rejuvenating.  Reiki is particularly useful for people in cancer care or those healing from a systemic condition.  I frequently give Reiki in the form of an attunement.  In an attunement, your crown and hand charkas (energy centers) are opened so you receive a higher volume of Reiki, thus becoming a Reiki practitioner.  You are then able to channel Reiki to yourself, as well as others.  This is particularly useful when you have a need to receive frequent Reiki, and you are then able to care for yourself more fully, in between session appointments.

Zero Balancing is a deeply aligning form of bodywork.  It relieves tension held at the level of the bone.  The practitioner uses her hands to encourage clearer stronger forces through stuck energy found predominately in the bones and joints, as well as the soft tissues of the body.  It balances the structural body with the energy body so you feel more like your integrated, essential self.  ZB uses a particular type of touch, called interface, which acknowledges clear boundaries.  This means that as a receiver, it’s your own energy that gets moving and transmuted, so more of your energy is available to use as you choose.  A session always begins with a verbal dialogue to illuminate where the main areas of stress exist for a person in their body and in their life.  We often look at how physical stress is related to life stress, and we make a simple verbal frame for the session that clarifies what next shift you choose for your personal development and overall health.  Commonly, people come for zero balancing due to a physical injury or they’re in a time of significant instability.  Once that healing is facilitated, they continue with sessions to both support them in feeling good and as a means of steady transformation.  After zero balancing, a person often feels more rooted in their body, and simultaneously more open and expanded in their mind and spirit.



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